We offer high-precision production of work-pieces made of steel (sheets, rods, pipes, profiles, etc.).
- MIG/ MAG welding on a welding robot with rotary table and 3 work stations,
- Bending of metal sheets on a folding press AMADA, max. length of a workpiece 4 m,
- CNC bending of bars on a MacSoft machine, diameter from 4 to 14 mm,
- CNC bending of pipes and profiles of large radii and diameter with TAURING or Macri Italia PROVAR 6-45
- punching and bending on mechanical and hydraulic machines,
- shot blasting with compressed air in a cabin KABILUX made by SciTeex,
- mechanical shot blasting in a cabin,
- powder coating in a cabin of 1.5x2x4 m,
- cutting and veneering of furniture boards,
- thermal spraying of zinc in a cabin made by Metallization,

In case of conventional hot-dip galvanizing, hollow profiles must be provided with sufficiently large inlet and outlet openings. There is no need for such openings in arc spraying.

Thermal spraying, also commonly known as metal spraying, is a surface engineering/ coating process and is regulated in DIN EN ISO 2063.
In arc spraying, the parts meet the substrate surface with a very high kinetic energy, they are deformed and the material to be sprayed is quickly cooled down on the relatively cold substrate. This results in a layer made of metal, oxides and very small intermediate spaces.

The range of thermal spray applications is vast.

Advantages of arc spraying: many materials can be coated/sprayed, metal to be coated is not thermally altered, large elements can be coated, high dimension accuracy a high quality standard.

With this method, a seal with liquid or powder coating should be applied directly after arc spraying (also called duplex systems) in order to achieve the best possible corrosion protection and striking aesthetic effect.
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