About us

About us

METALINE Ltd was established in 2007. Its partners already had several years of experience in furniture development and manufacturing. Since then METALINE has greatly expanded its production profile: balcony railings, fences, stalls and other metal work. 90% of its customers are in Western Europe.

An important market for customer-specific furniture is the hotel sector, for whom leading European designers develop projects.

All products that leave METALINE are individually carefully tested in terms of quality.

METALINE is present on Western markets not only because it delivers high quality products but also because its team speaks German, French and English. This makes the ordering and the production process faster and easier.

The machinery is continually being adapted to new challenges arising from the current state of production technology, and is geared towards flexible products. Machinery is not the only factor embuing METALINE’s products with high quality, but also the skilled human handling. Our products are all carefully fine tuned strictly by hand to ensure their ultimate precision. 
METALINE sp. z o.o.
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